Now I’m on my way home again had a blast here in Canada with my boys from pleasuremag and isen7!!one loove , Ethan is not that cool..

I’m gonna stay home until Wednesday or something I just gotta get that fucking jet lag Away and get my computer in to the apple store then I’m off to France for some hang time with Burton breahhhhh!!!
Downloaded a 14 hours audiobook and promised my self to study my drivers license as long as I’m listening to that book so 14 hours of study damn right fools!!!
And I’m gunna get a new tattoo straight up when I’m coming home, if u want give me some ideas if it’s cool maybe I will get it;)




And of course roise mummahh


Ett svar

  1. A_L

    tattoo ideas: owl-tattoo, owls are awesome:) or smth from knots and bends (for ex. carrick bend), it looks pretty cool

    10/07/2011 kl. 6:50 e m


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