Whistler !


first u gotta play this gucci song then u can read:

OK been here in canada (whistler) for about 2 weeks now, first week we had bad weather all days so not much else then alcohol was going down, but this week was epic bluebird and heavy shred everyday breaOOPP!

The bad thing is that i dindt find my memory card to my camera so coudlnt take any pictures just some lame cam pics hehe…

JAMMIN marco on the guitar and the rest on something random

benny is packing his shieett and peacing out



whistler !


Now im in the air again arrived in whistler 2 days ago but we having bad weather right now so not that much shredding, i will get some updates and shizzle going during the weeks hopefully some mad edits too ;).

Found some shitt from fonna while i was on my way here so did a little edit 😉 check it out:

Folgefonna – Leksand midsommar


Back home from the shoot in folgefonna we had an epic weeek with good hanging and a good crew 🙂

here is an edit from olav stubberud soo sick check it out :

and the new isen7 trailer CHECK IT OUT DUDE :


rail line @folgefonna

big edit poppin soon 😉 shoot @folgefonna


My blog looks like shitt right now im gonna fix it asap, got so slow internet here so its not even worth to try took me forever to upload the pics hehe..

We are here in folgefonna with the swedish and norwegian team, having a blast shredding again with maa duuuudes!

Coming a line from the rail line soon so keep looking breaoooPPP!

ENJOY the pics.

Gustav and antteeoon

our little crib its PIMPIN

My and Määttsons room hell yeahh

hotdogs is going down in the sunshine

hunting some crazy dudes

perry peaceing around in the grass

Mission day !

we had mission day yesterday !!!

film online soon !!!! yeahh breaoPPP keep on looking luda blog aaaahey hey heyhey keeepon looking on luda blog YEAHhhHHhHHh